Von großen Zielen und konkreten Taten

Talking about and implementing sustainable global development is an absolute necessity. This applies to companies, from medium-sized companies to large corporations, in two ways: after all, they not only have a special responsibility for society, but also act in their own interest if they are socially committed. Young professionals, increased reputation, new customer groups - if you care about the long-term economic success of your company, a successful community cannot be indifferent.

17 goals for a better future

This is exactly where the SDGs come in: signed by all UN member states, the 17 goals by 2030 are intended to bring economic progress and social justice worldwide into harmony. SOS Children's Villages has taken steps to ensure that the interests of children and young people are also taken into account actively involved in the formulation of the SDGs. The organization focuses primarily on SDGs 1, 4, 8, 10 and 16. In these, the participating states are asked to end poverty in all forms, improve access to quality education, promote decent work, and reduce inequality and stand up for an inclusive society. Education (SDG 4) in particular plays a key role because it enables people to break out of the spiral of poverty, exclusion, violence and the breakdown of family structures.

Together we are strong!

Die Erfahrungen zeigen jedoch, dass politische Maßnahmen allein nicht genügen. SOS-Kinderdorf sorgt dafür, dass diesen wichtigen Zielen auch konkrete Taten folgen. Mit Ihrem Unternehmen sind auch Sie bedeutender Akteur bei der Umsetzung dieser Entwicklungsziele. Sie prägen durch Ihr wirtschaftliches Handeln und den Einsatz ihrer Mittel die Bedingungen im Land. Helfen Sie uns als Partner von SOS-Kinderdorf, Kindern die Chance auf eine bessere Zukunft zu schenken!

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