The 17 UN Goals for a fairer, healthier and greener world

17 goals and a historical moment
September 2015 in New York: 193 countries of the United Nations agree on the most ambitious plan of mankind. With 17 goals for sustainable development, the states want to tackle the world's major challenges together. What a message!

Since we heard about it, we have been excited about the sustainability goals, internationally known as Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With sharpened perception we realized: An incredible amount is already happening in Germany and around the globe.  But what also struck us was that although the sustainability goals are the best news in the world, very few people know about them. We want to change this and make our contribution to achieving the goals: with the seventeen goals magazine. It tells the positive and motivating stories of people who move the world. In addition to this digital magazine, there is also a print version, which is attached to ZEIT, Germany's leading weekly newspaper.