How It All Began...

It was a historic moment when, in September 2015, the international community agreed on 17 goals for sustainable development. Since we heard of them, we have been excited about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). But instead of writing about the things that went wrong in the world, we wanted to tell the positive stories. The idea of a magazine was born! seventeen goals Magazin tells inspiring stories of change and motivates people to take action.

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Get to know our team members; who, together with many freelance journalists, make our magazine possible.

Our Team

Andreas Kruk

Publisher, seventeen goals Magazin

"Things that are not imaginable today can become mainstream, taken for granted. By strengthening the sustainability goals, we contribute to that"

Iris Rodriguez

Publisher / editor-in-chief, seventeen Goals Magazin

"I am thrilled to see how much good news there is to be found in research and editorial work. It is precisely these positive stories about change that we would like to draw your attention to."

Sayanti Sengupta

Editor, seventeen goals Magazin

"Superheroes are all around us, walking around without capes, yet touching our lives and making the world a better place. I want to find them and tell their stories!"

Anke Thiele

Art Direction, seventeen goals Magazin (digital/local)

"Sustainable action is the future and solves many of our problems. I really enjoy being part of the solution and making my contribution to more sustainability."

Yasmina Issa

Social Media-Coordinator, seventeen Goals Magazin

"To me, every small step leads to the bigger picture. With so much bad news around, we sometimes miss the positive ones. This is where our work begins - showing positive things and motivating everyone to support the change"

Malte Selau

Media Consultant, seventeen Goals Magazin

"Companies and NGOs make a very significant contribution to achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. It is important that this is also reported on. I enjoy bringing these players together in a magazine and calling on them to participate."

Clara Wirth

social media coordinator, seventeen Goals Magazin

"I think we can all do something to help achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by seeking out positive stories and learning from them. That way, maybe we can become people who make a difference."
Let's make the goals better known:
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