Countries and continents are differentially endowed with natural resources. For centuries, some have leveraged their comparative advantages and prospered, while other countries continued to live in poverty. SDG 10 seeks to improve the gap in wealth between countries, and between people within a country.

To achieve the sustainable goals, achieving SDG 10 is crucial. Each and every goal requires financing. And finances need to flow from those who have the most to the ones who have the least through redistribution. Social welfare can only be achieved through inclusive development, by leaving no one behind.

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Facts and Figures

· The Swiss citizens are 11 times wealthier than the average world citizen

· The richest 1% of the world own 44% of the total world’s wealth.

·  The United States is home to the highest number of millionaires (585) in the world.

Migration is a current challenge faced by many countries in the world, with many people crossing borders and seeking refuge in other countries, fleeing from conflicts or climate change.

In the coming days, the number of migrants will increase, and countries need to prepare themselves with adequate policies in place.

Best Performing Countries in SDG10: Reduced Inequalities

Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Finland and Ukraine

Join in

· Many companies have inclusion policies- for women, old and differently-abled people or the migrants. See if your company has one. Insist on having it if they don’t.

· As much as you earn, also make it a habit to give back to the society. Take responsibility of educating a girl in Africa or donate food to the homeless.

Editor’s Tip: To know how unequal our world is, visit this site!

Book Recommendation

SDG 10: Reduced Inequalities: Why Nations fail, the Origins of Power, Prosperity, and Poverty

The book is an exploratory read into why divisions exist in our society - is it because of our history, geography or the plain old policies that create inequality and increases gaps?