Energy powers life. Energy runs communities and cities. From public transport to the super computers storing big data, everything requires energy supply. Continuous and affordable energy is a necessity of our society at present.

Improving energy efficiency and reducing losses during transmission are essential targets that needs to be met for reaching this sustainable developmentgoal. Investments in making renewable and clean energy viable and cost effective will also improve the environment quality and is an effective method against climate change.

Most related SDGs

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Facts and Figures

· 13% of the global population still lacks access to modern electricity.

· 240 Million Indians, 3 times the size of Germany’s population have no electricity.

· Currently, only 17.5% of the total final consumption energy comes from clean energy sources like wind, solar or hydro.

Many people from rural areas live without electricity in developing countries. Those with electricity, do not have continuous supply either. 

Health centres have no electricity and for surgeries or most major medical treatments, inhabitants from villages have to travel for miles to reach the nearest town or city and access healthcare services.

Best Performing countries in SDG7: Affordable and Clean Energy

Norway, Sweden, Finland, Canada, Brazil, Costa Rica and Italy

Join in

· UNPLUG. Your printers, laptops, speakers or phones. Unplug every device when not in use.

· Charge devices in offline or flight mode, this will consume less energy.

· Shift to LED bulbs from traditional light bulbs.

· Installing solar panels may be an initial large investment, but will pay off by saving money in the long term.

· Whenever you buy a gadget, buy gadgets that use rechargeable batteries instead of one-time batteries.

Book Recommendation

The Boy who harnessed the wind: Creating currents of electricity and hope by William Kamkwamba

In this book, William Kamkwamba writes about the journey he embarked on to build a windmill in his village in Malawi, with scrap tools and materials, and a heart full of hope to enjoy the simple pleasure of having running water and electricity for him and those around him.