Since the Industrial revolution in the 19th century, industries have formed the backbone of our globalised economies. Shifting from traditional occupations like agriculture and fishing, more and more people have undergone education and training to join businesses, companies or industries.

But wealth distribution around the world is lopsided and millions are out of work. Sustainable industry systems can generate jobs. Investing and incentivising innovation is necessary so that the infrastructure we build today is useful for generations to come. Finance, transport and communication, tourism, electricity, water and wind etc.- all these different sectors are addressed by SDG 9.

Most related SDGs

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Facts and Figures

· Air pollution is responsible for 5 million deaths each year. Industries burn fossil fuels and is a big contributor to air pollution.

· 16% of the global population does not have access to mobile broadband networks.

· Small and medium sized enterprises are the largest job creators and make up 90% of business worldwide.

LDCs or the least developed countries like Burundi, Chad or Angola have 43 times less manufacturing value than Europe.

International aid and investments in the LDC markets to accelerate local economies is necessary for such countries to be able to promote inclusive and sustainable industrialisation.

Best Performing countries in SDG9: Industry, innovation and Infrastructure

Japan and Singapore

The European innovation scoreboard 2019 indicates the level of innovation in different EU states. 

While Sweden and Finland continue to lead the innovation market, countries like Romania and Bulgaria are yet to catch up on innovation rates.

Join in

  • Become members of trade unionsand support rights of the workers through petitions. They are the backbone of our society.
  • Subscribe to innovation channels and podcasts. Get inspired. If you like an idea, get in touch with the innovators, collaborate with them and create a business!
  • Never discourage ideas. Crazy is good. Dream crazy and do crazy. We need that to achieve the 2030 Agenda.
  • Read up on Social Innovation. It will change the world as we know it in the days to come.

Book Recommendation

The Power of Positive Destruction: How to Turn a Business Idea into a Revolution by Seth Merrin, with Carlye Adler
The Power of Positive Destruction: How to Turn a Business Idea into a Revolution by Seth Merrin, with Carlye Adler

The very fabric and structure of a company has changed over the last decades. Companies now are meant to drive and transform societies. This book explains how starting a business and adapting to changing technologies and mindsets will revolutionise entire industry ecosystems.

Our partner for SDG 9

Code of Africa is a company that works as a bridge builder between East Africa and the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). The Code of Africa team brings together East African technology talents to work for German-speaking companies looking for these skills, at affordable rates for comparable quality.

Code of Africa: Our partner for SDG9
Code of Africa: Our partner for SDG9

Code of Africa thus contributes to new, high-quality jobs in East Africa, but also to high-quality education and a more positive perception of (East) Africa in Europe.