In order to achieve the goal of Agenda 2030, cooperative and strong partnerships are needed on all levels and between different governments, the private sector, the civil society and other parties.

Goal 17 underlines the importance of global macroeconomic stability. More prosperous economies such as the EU can benefit in developing countries through mobilisation of public and private resources and national and international support. These resources can be both financial and non-financial.

Moving from the classic north-south divide, a global partnership must sublimate inequalities. For example, through global transfer of knowledge, increase developing countries' exports, equitable and fair trade, investments in renewables, improved tax collection, sustainable technologies for all and strengthening innovation

Partnerships among all the 17 Goals are necessary for achieving SDG17. Vice versa, SDG17 has an influence on all other goals.

Facts and Figures

  • Increased investment of up to 155.5 billion for bonds in sustainable business areas (green bonds) from 2017 to 2018
  • 79% of exports from low income countries enter high income countries as duty free.

However, in recent years, the net ODA has declined with many countries decreasing aids and grants. ODA is essential to achieve the 2030 Agenda, to remove inequalities, to promote decent work and to remove poverty and hunger. It is high time that citizens and communities call upon their governments to take stronger and swifter action and contribute to ODA to achieve the SDGs.

Best Performing Countries in SDG17: Partnerships for the Goals

Argentina, Lesotho, South Africa, Botswana, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Ukraine

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Book Recommendation

Negotiating the Sustainable Development Goals by Felix Dodds

Read this insider view into the negotiations and global policy agendas surrounding the 17 UN SDGs which is going to shape the development paradigm for years to come.

Our Partners for SDG 17

Together, we can achieve more. We are pleased to be working with three partners, European Community Foundation Initiative (ECFI), Project Together, SDG.17 Consulting and World Creativity & Innovation Day (WCID) for furthering progress on Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals.

European Community Foundation Initiative (ECFI): Our Partner for SDG17
European Community Foundation Initiative (ECFI): Our Partner for SDG17

The European Community Foundation Initiative (ECFI) is dedicated to strengthening and promoting the community foundation movement in Europe. ECFI contributes to Goal 17 by helping community foundations all over Europe connect local actions to global aspirations, by applying their local knowledge and connections to mobilise physical, financial and human resources, towards the achievement of the SDGs.’

project together: Our Partner for SDG17
project together: Our Partner for SDG17

ProjectTogether is pioneering social progress and bringing together what it takes to test solutions today that will change the world tomorrow. Since 2015, ProjectTogether has already supported 1,000+ social initiatives in seven thematic Challenges. Along the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, Project Together develops innovation platforms to solve social challenges. To this end, it creates bottom-up problem-solving processes and brings together the wealth of ideas of civil society with the implementation power of existing institutions.

SDG.17 Consulting: Our Partner for SDG17
SDG.17 Consulting: Our Partner for SDG17

Our media and knowledge partner SDG.17 Consulting promotes public-private partnerships (PPPs) as a tool for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and supports the development of PPP pipeline projects for social infrastructure in developing countries. PPPs could play a crucial role in achieving the sustainable development agenda and fill a gap in global demand for sustainable infrastructure. SDG.17 Consulting emphasises the importance of digital solutions for Sustainable Goals, PPPs and Global Health.

World Creativity & Innovation Day is the International Day of Observance that celebrates those who use creativity to advance the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Using this year's theme as 'education,' WCID is inviting everyone to celebrate and join in their Community of Creatives.