From building biology to butterfly houses – it is always fun to see what inspiring and informative posts bloggers have been writing in the last months and to understand how they continue to make important contributions to sustainability with their topics. Listed below are the top 5 blog posts we have selected for the months of July/August 2021.

Miriam's blog talks about sustainable travel – now that travel is slowly becoming possible again, the question arises: What is the most sustainable way to travel? In the post "Nachhaltig reisen – Mit dem Nachtzug von Hamburg nach Wien," quite literally translated to Sustainable travel – With the night train from Hamburg to Vienna, Mariam makes sustainable travel pretty tasty and feeds us with interesting facts at the same time – Check it out!

Minimalism as part of the curriculum?! Sounds great, isn't it? In Christoph's article "What ninth graders say about minimalism, clearing out and capsule wardrobe" on his blog Einfach bewusst, he reports on the experiences that students in a ninth grade class had during a series of lessons on the topic of "minimalist living". We think it's a great idea: A great idea that should definitely be part of the curriculum. Teaching young minds about the impacts of consumerism is definitely a sustainable way of bringing change!

On her blog Langsam.Achtsam.Echt.Anna deals with the topic of radicalisation, among other things.  It's a topic that no one can completely avoid, whether it's political, religious or otherwise motivated – all of us have had our encounters with it. But what to do when someone in our environment becomes radicalised? Anna's article addresses these questions and makes the how and why understandable. Bravo!

Baubiologie (German) or Building biology – ever heard of it? Neither had we! That's why we find Kerstin's blog post on building biology on her blog so exciting. She explains what building biologists do and why their services are increasingly in demand to create healthy buildings.  There is a huge leverage for sustainability in the building industry, so it is a really important and promising topic! Thanks for the enlightenment, Kerstin!

Summer is here and we are spending a lot of time on our balconies again, but such a balcony can not only look beautiful, but also be quite useful for our ecosystem. In Helena's post "Building a butterfly house – juice balcony and the right tools" on her blog, she shows us how we can make our contribution to the insect world throughout the year. Have fun with crafting & planting!

Our selection criteria for the best Blogs

  • Which SDG is picked up thematically in the contribution?
  • What is the impact of the contribution?
  • Does it show ways in which readers can become active themselves?
  • How creative is the contribution and how relevant is it?
  • How practical is the topic?
  • And of course, a good writing style earns the extra brownie points!

PS: If you find the articles are only in German with no English version, make sure to use the Google translate option for these pages, because you definitely don't want to miss them!