In order to inspire committed bloggers around sustainability issues, we are spreading their important work even more widely – because only together can we achieve the goals and inspire even more people to live sustainably. For the months of May and June 2021, we have again selected the top 5 blog posts related to sustainability and the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Screenshot of a blog: Designed entrance to a temple of tea in Sri Lanka.
Tracing the roots of feminism in ancient religion and education. Photo credit: Network Women's and Gender Studies NRW

The science blog of the Network Women's and Gender Studies NRW on the topic of interdisciplinary gender research is a well-researched and exciting contribution with interesting points of view including how feminism isn't a western concept. Their blog has opened up completely new perspectives on the topic.

Screenshot of a blog with 2photos: left: Woman, baseball cap backwards, right: 2 young women laughing together.
Blog on a Fair Fashion brand that ensures microplastics do not end up in the oceans. Photo credit: Good Travel Blog

Franziska & Judith from Good Travel write about conscious and sustainable travel. This time they present a young label called SALZWASSER, which is committed to protecting the oceans through its fashion and social media platforms. Fashion that will save the seas, that's how they call it!

Screenshot of a blog: Woman looking thoughtfully out the window of a train, headline above.
Sustainability is more than just making conscious choices, Serin explains. Photo Credit: Serintogo

Why the sustainability train isn't going green - a strong blog post by Serin on her blog Serintogo in which she takes a critical look at how bloggers and influencers are so energetically supporting supposedly green big business. Even though it is an older post, we appreciate how it is still so relevant. Absolutely worth reading!

Screenshot of a blog: green cup stands on an old wooden table, in addition text block and 2 small pictures
Photo Credit: 5 Facts on why Organic Tea from Fair Trade is better from Anja's blog

In her sustainability blog Umweltgedanken, blogger Anja explains why organic tea from fair trade really makes a difference, highlighting all aspects of FairTrade and what we can do ourselves. It's teatime - but sustainable please!

Photo Credit: Blog Heylilahey. Translation: New House = New Energy - sustainable living means green energy

With her blog heylilahey, Mia focuses on fairfashion, natural cosmetics and conscious consumption. Her current blog post is about the important topic of renewable energy: New House = New Energy - sustainable living means green energy.  Why green energy is so important - that is explained here.

Our selection criteria for the best Blogs

  • Which SDG is picked up thematically in the contribution?
  • What is the impact of the contribution?
  • Does it show ways in which readers can become active themselves?
  • How creative is the contribution and how relevant is it?
  • How practical is the topic?
  • And of course, a good writing style earns the extra brownie points!

PS: If you find the articles are only in German with no English version, make sure to use the Google translate option for these pages, because you definitely don't want to miss them!