In order to inspire committed bloggers around sustainability issues, we are spreading their important work even more widely – because only together can we achieve the goals and inspire even more people to live sustainably. In November, we again selected the top 5 blog entries, which we present here.

Translation: Way to Transformation: The good vibes for Sustainability
  • SDG 12 and SDG 17: In Caro's post as a guest article on How sustainable design can create real change in the blog dasselbe in grün, he speaks about the communication of companies and how they can position themselves sustainably and thus create change through sustainable design – and of course, it feels great to have positive vibrations in the process!
Translation: Electric cars, Diesel cars or Benzine ones?
  • SDG 7, SDG 11 and SDG 12: Well-researched and very up-to-date: Kerstin's blog post Electric car, diesel or petrol? on her blog laboratorium-nachhaltigkeit gives a very good overview, numerous graphics, explanations of types of electricity, how it works with charging stations and much more. In short: a good decision-making aid for all those who are not so sure whether to buy a new car, an old car or simply no car at all.
Translation: The myth of Hygienic plastic: How the Plastic Lobby is misusing the Corona crisis
  • SDG 12, 14: Do we really need so much more plastic in the corona crisis to protect us from the virus? In her post The myth of hygienic plastic: How the plastic lobby is exploiting the corona crisis in her blog, Jennifer draws attention to the madness surrounding disposable plastic in pandemic times, examines what is behind it and also analyses her own behaviour. Great post, which also links to the Greenpeace report on this topic.
  • SDG 12: In her blog Shia Su takes up the important topic of sustainable investment. Her blog post Sustainable Pension Insurance and Retirement Provision gives a good overview of what fair investment is and how it works. There are many valuable links and information on how to become active yourself.
  • SDG 12 and SDG 13: Of course not everyone has a dog, but certainly everyone knows someone with a four-legged friend. Anyway: We like this blog post Vegan dog nutrition - dangerous trend or sensible alternative by Maike on her blog and the question: Could dogs also be provided with vegetable proteins and be kept healthy and happy? An innovative perspective – and it's worthwhile to take a closer look.

Our selection criteria: While we have revised our strategy from this month to select Top 5 best Blog-posts instead of several nominees, our selection criteria remains the same:

  • Which SDG is picked up thematically in the contribution?
  • What is the impact of the contribution?
  • Does it show ways in which readers can become active themselves?
  • How creative is the contribution and how relevant is it?
  • How practical is the topic?
  • And of course, a good writing style earns the extra brownie points!

PS: If you find the articles are only in German with no English version, make sure to use the Google translate option for these pages, because you definitely don't want to miss them!