What started as an individual challenge to go plastic free for a month, has evolved into a global movement of reducing plastic consumption. Such has been the journey of Rebecca Prince-Ruiz, who went plastic free for the first time in July 2011 in the city of Perth in Australia, and this went to bring together a strong community of 250-million individuals across 177 countries united together to create a cleaner future.

Go plastic free with Rebecca Prince-Ruiz

The book, by Rebecca Prince-Ruiz and Joanna Atherfold Finn, tells the story of Plastic Free July, a global movement that encourages giving up plastic consumption by sharing positive and successful stories and examples of people who are changing their habits and transforming their environments and communities. At the heart of the book lies the understanding that current consumption patterns are unsustainable, and we as consumers, need to ask ourselves where will our package go after we throw it away? Because it is only when we start questioning that we start looking for solutions!