We are pleased to present the second edition of the seventeen goals Blog Award for July 2020 to Alexandra, her blog livelifegreeen and her article "No racism, no climate change - climate protection is colourful."

It is a successful contribution that establishes the connection between climate change and racism, which has not yet been sufficiently discussed in public. The blogger and scientist Dr. Alexandra Achenbach spans the arc from omnipresent racism to the global South, where people suffer from the consequences of resource exploitation and consumption. She also points out ways in which everyone can do something against racism and how everyone can rethink and change their consumer behaviour.

Alexandra's children have changed her view on sustainability
Alexandra's children have changed her view on sustainability

Three questions to Dr. Alexandra Achenbach

  • Why did you start a sustainability blog?
    As a biologist and ecologist, the topic of environmental awareness was never foreign to me, but the initial spark for more sustainability in our lives was ultimately the birth of our children. Suddenly, the responsibility we all bear for the future is clearly visible, and this ultimately gave us the energy to actively start analysing our everyday life and to change it fairly step by step. And on livelifegreen you can accompany me on our green journey and be part of it.
  • Everyone can contribute to sustainability - what is your best tip for our readers?
    Just get started and don't get discouraged by small (or bigger) setbacks. Nobody is perfect and every change takes time... but one thing is certain: step by step we will all reach our goal together.
  • If you could change something today, what would it be?
    I would encourage politicians and decision-makers to have more courage, because we need people who dare to shape the future positively with their visions and who can inspire others to change.

Thank you, Alexandra!

And we would also like to take this opportunity and congratulate the 6 other nominees: Sarah from minimalwaste, nerd up, Albert Schweitzer Foundation, Nina from greenmiracle, Cordula from wiressenpflanzen and moinworld (click here for the nominee list). With their tips, suggestions and wise thoughts, they inspire others to more sustainability.