In order to inspire talented, dedicated bloggers who write on themes related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we are awarding the best blogs and spreading their noteworthy insights even more widely - because it is only together that we can achieve the goals and inspire more people to live a sustainable life!

And the seventeen goals Blog award for June 2020 goes to Franzi Schaedel's blog on "How we can protect our biodiversity." She explains beautifully how biodiversity is suffering in the hands of humans obsessed with perfectly mowed lawns and pesticides. She explains how we have been harming nature for years by consumption of meat. But she doesn't stop at the problems. She also gives suggestions on how we can change this around and reconnect with nature.

Franzi's love for biodiversity and passion for the environment @"How we can protect our biodiversity"blog.

Franzi's passion for the environment and sustainable living resonated with seventeen goals Magazin and we asked her a few questions to know her better!

1) Why did you start a sustainability blog?
The blog simply evolved over time with more and more on this topic. Starting with vegan / vegetarian and organic food, sustainable travel, fair fashion etc. It is a wonderful journey

2) Everyone can contribute to sustainability - what's your best tip for our readers?
Get started! Don't let the fact that you can't do it perfectly stop you. That is not the point. But starting, moving forward and inspiring others is extremely important!

3) If you could change something today, what would it be?
I would probably banish all the injustice in this world, stop the climate crisis and bring eternal peace. I wish, don't you? :)

Indeed, we are inspired! Good luck Franzi, and we hope to see many such amazingly informative blogs from you.

And last but not least, we would like to congratulate the 6 other nominees, Alf from grossvrtig, Serin from serintogo, Kerstin from laboratorium nachhaltigkeit, Julia from junieundich, Anamaria for the Fraunhofer Blog, Andrea from nachhaltigwarumnicht- all of whom have incredible tips for our readers as well. Click here to find the nominees and get inspired with their blogs today!